At Insight we understand that every founder, every management team, every product, and every story is different.


We are flexible investors who keep the best interests of the entrepreneur and the company at the forefront of each investment. Insight constructs deal terms that build on your company’s needs for financing, partnership, and support.

Deal Structures

Our capabilities include growth equity, capital for M&A, buyouts, take-privates, pre-IPO rounds, PIPE deals and recapitalizations. We engage in both majority and minority investments, and purchase both primary and secondary shares. We have the ability to invest up to $200 million in companies at all stages in their life cycle.

Partnering with Insight

In additional to deal flexibility, Insight values cultural fit – we aim to work the way you work. From the very beginning of our mutual discussions, we set out to establish open, honest and direct relationships, supporting our portfolio companies in a way that promotes collaboration.

In each investment, Insight’s role is variable and flexible. We are shareholders, but more importantly, we are advisors who act as a sounding board, responding to the unique needs of each management team. We maintain a careful balance of knowing when to get involved and when to stand aside so that our companies can flourish. See our portfolio company executives talk about Partnering with Insight in their own words.