Insight has a global perspective, with many of our portfolio companies headquartered outside of North America, and many more with operations and sales teams in countries outside their home offices.

newcoffeecupWith this global outlook, Insight has developed a broad network of technology executives, entrepreneurs, channel partners, resellers and strategic partners.

Our team speaks more than a dozen languages. We have led transactions and worked closely with global entrepreneurs, thereby developing a healthy respect and understanding of different cultures and business practices.

Insight Network:

Given our global outlook, we endeavor to foster camaraderie and communication between our executives so that they can learn from others who have been down the same path to growth, albeit in different markets and regions. We seek to connect you with the right members of the extended Insight family, based on your growth plans and needs.

If you plan to enter a new market, Insight connects you with a relevant CEO who already has been through the struggles of launching in that country and is willing to guide you along the way. Our companies regularly swap stories and share recommendations about vendors, resellers, and customers, helping each other avoid the same pitfalls and accelerating growth throughout the portfolio.

Knowledge-Sharing Events:

To encourage best-practice sharing across different regions, Insight Onsite brings entrepreneurs and managers to meet each other, form relationships, and share their learning. Our annual functionally-focused Forums bring portfolio company executives from across together to discuss approaches to operations, marketing, sales, team building and leadership. Learn more about Insight’s Events.