Growth Experts

We are experts at growing and scaling software, data and internet companies.

Insight has seen great successes and unfortunate mistakes. Through our range of experiences we’re able to recognize opportunities to grow companies and build stakeholder value.


Collectively, our Partners have worked in the technology industry for more than 100 years, met with thousands of management teams and run large businesses. With this perspective, our goal is to ease your path to winning by offering you as many options as possible, and supplementing your passion and skills with our experience and expertise.

M&A Assistance

Along with organic revenue growth, Insight also strongly supports inorganic growth through M&A assistance (see recent M&A events). We make introductions to attractive companies helping to create valuable business partnerships. We speak with thousands of companies – always with an eye toward creating investments and partnerships that yield benefits for all. Insight believes the right merger or partnership can strengthen a company’s ability to win in the market.

Insight Onsite

Insight Onsite is our portfolio-focused operations and growth strategy group – we deliver growth-stage knowledge and pattern recognition to provide unique levels of support and research as companies expand into new products, technologies, geographies, and customer segments. Learn more about Insight Onsite.