Tech Focused


From our years of experience investing in tech companies we uniquely understand what it takes for growing companies to bring pioneering technology products to market.

Each sector-focused team is led by an Insight managing director who has deep experience in that market, ensuring that we know the sector-specific issues that face entrepreneurs, sales managers, and product developers.

Tech Abilities:

Our technology experts with Insight Onsite have expertise across a variety of technical and software development domains (Learn More about Insight Onsite). We provide R&D assessments (based on a blended Agile / CMMI model) that enable development teams to identify and prioritize where to focus their efforts in the following areas:

  • Agile development implementation
  • QA automation
  • R&D metrics and dashboards
  • Performance management
  • Infrastructure and security planning
  • Architecture
  • Technical organization management
  • Improving team productivity and velocity


Insight Onsite contributes to portfolio-wide technology learning by hosting webinars and book club discussions. The book clubs are held several times a year to discuss publications with forward-thinking development concepts, and are often joined by the authors themselves (learn more about Insight’s Events).

Insight Onsite also hosts an annual Technology Forum. Guest speakers are luminaries and experts in the various aspects of product development, and may also be your portfolio company peers. Sample topics have included Agile Development, mobile development, continuous automation, managing big data, performance oriented infrastructure designs, building and retaining “class A” technical teams and security models.

Through these events, Insight hopes to share best practices and help entrepreneurs stay abreast of new technology trends.