Webinar: Blockchain Alternative Distributed Systems and How To Reason About Them


With many of the world’s largest companies aggressively exploring and testing blockchain use cases, it is clear that the technology is poised to disrupt many industries. However, what remains unclear are the inner mechanisms of the technology itself. What makes blockchain different from distributed databases? What new paradigms do blockchains enable that previous technologies could not unlock? How does this affect the design and implementation of blockchain systems?

In this webinar, Fraktal Group will explore the technical philosophy behind blockchain technology and distributed systems, and highlight the key differences between both.


  • How blockchain technology differs from traditional distributed systems
  • How these differences will affect the design and architecture of blockchain implementations
  • What costs and tradeoffs to consider when implementing a blockchain

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  • Steve Rabin

    Steve Rabin, Chief Technology Officer

    Steve Rabin joined Insight in 2003 and serves as Insight's CTO. Steve has over 20 years of experience designing enterprise-class software and managing technology teams. Prior to Insight, Steve was CTO/ VP of Engineering at InterWorld and American Software. He also served in several engineering management positions at Pfizer. Steve founded and…