Shelley Perry

At Insight Partners, Shelley Perry works with visionary executives and CEOs toward accelerated scale and growth — a unique role that brings added value to her firm and its portfolio companies.

A dual background in finance and software development created the foundation for Ms. Perry’s entree into the high-growth software product sector. Her passion for driving profitable growth and a first-hand understanding of product-related growth drivers, data analysis and her knowledge of the end-to-end operations in software companies make her an undeniable asset to the companies she works with. That, paired with her ability to define strategy and achieve results using a metrics-driven approach allows her to achieve results quickly and efficiently, and differentiates her from the pack.

“Because I have the ability to understand the ins and outs of the technology, the financial aspects, and I have a passion for achieving the best customer experience, I am able to map out an overall plan that is aligned to the companies business objectives,” she says. “I help companies understand how they are spending today and provide options for redirecting to achieve higher growth for themselves and all of the related stakeholders. I am action oriented and get to results quickly."

That speed of success is what sets Ms. Perry apart, working with multiple companies simultaneously. The goal: Being a true partner and advisor, providing them with practical, hands-on growth expertise to foster long-term success from CEO to IC.

“Every company we work with has the capacity to transform their industry and change the way people do business,” she says. “I help them navigate through challenges to get them there faster.”