Lakshmi Baskaran

Lakshmi Baskaran is a business leader, entrepreneur, and angel investor. Throughout her exciting career, she has built and managed high-performing engineering teams for startups, scale-ups, and publicly listed companies. She is a global leader and has spent the last two decades of her career working in senior executive roles in North America, Europe, Australia, and Asia. Lakshmi is currently the VP of Engineering at Sedna, a SaaS company that redefines the way organizations communicate. She is currently focused on building a high-performing engineering team at SEDNA that strategically aligns with the organization’s vision.

Lakshmi takes every opportunity to coach and mentor business leaders and supports them in building great companies. Lakshmi empowers young girls and women to pursue a career in technology. She strongly believes that every woman has the potential to grow and make an impact in the world. With mentoring and coaching, women will be great leaders, entrepreneurs, and board members. Lakshmi writes on Medium and Thrive about leadership and technology. Lakshmi offers media interviews about technology, leadership, and building organizations.