Mike Gospe

Mike Gospe is a hi-tech veteran with 35+ years of experience in helping executives learn how to listen to the market and their customers.  After cutting his teeth as a marketer at HP and Sun, then a leader at several start-ups, he co-founded KickStart Alliance in 2002.  KickStart Alliance is a leadership consulting team dedicated to building advisory boards and driving customer success.  Mike is also the author of eight marketing “how to” books including, The Marketing High Ground, a hands-on tutorial for building personas, positioning statements, and customer-ready messaging. For the past 20 years Mike has focused his attention on Customer Advisory Boards (CABs) & Partner Advisory Boards (PABs).  He wrote the first CAB operations manual in 2013, The Flipchart Guide to Customer Advisory Boards, volumes 1 and 2.  He’s helped B2B companies design and deliver more than 200 advisory board meetings around the world.  In 2020, he invented a new programmatic approach for conducting virtual advisory board meetings. His CAB best-practices website, CABStrategy.com has been visited by more than 45,000 visitors since it launched in 2017.