Insight Ignite Federal: Improving Tech in Government


Insight Venture Partner, Nick Sinai, has been writing about the implications of the Trump Administration and the bipartisan consensus on improving tech in government, drawing on his experience as U.S. Deputy CTO in the Obama Administration. 

Sinai highlights the Trump Administration’s emphasis on cybersecurity (including the focus on securing the smart grid), government modernization, and IT procurement reform.  In January, Sinai played a role in President Obama’s last official act—a story also profiled in the dramatic Wired article, “The Race to Pass Obama’s Last Law and Save Tech in DC.”

  • Nick Sinai

    Nick Sinai, Senior Advisor

    Nick Sinai is a Senior Advisor at Insight Partners. Nick works with existing portfolio companies in the data and software sectors, and identifies new opportunities for investment in these sectors. Nick also advises portfolio companies on policy, regulatory, and government markets. Nick is currently a board member at BrightBytes and…