Onsite’s Best Practice M&A Integration Playbook


Pursuing mergers and acquisitions isn't just for large businesses. We believe that M&A activity can serve as a great lever to scale your business quickly. But we also know that going through the M&A process can be intimidating.

We work closely with companies in our portfolio to help them navigate these challenges, and we've taken our experience and put it into an M&A playbook to help you navigate the challenges. 

The playbook isn't just about our ideas. We connected with businesses across our portfolio to discuss their M&A activities in detail. We took these responses and used them to inform a playbook that details the issues businesses face during an M&A and what they'll need to think about and do through various stages of the process.

M&As can provide a surge of progress for a business, helping you scale your operations or capabilities quickly. We're committed to helping companies in our portfolio drive this progress regardless of how they choose to push forward. In our video, "Onsite's Best Practice M&A Integration Playbook," Byron Lichtenstein, a Principal at Insight Partners, talks in more detail about how we developed the playbook and what it contains. Watch the video to get the full scoop and learn more about how we can help you scale your business through M&A activity that empowers you to reach new heights.

  • Byron Lichenstein

    Byron Lichtenstein, Managing Director

    Byron joined Insight in 2015. Prior to starting with Insight, he worked as a Consultant with Bain & Company in their New York and Boston offices. His work at Bain focused on advising both public and private companies on long-term product and go-to-market strategy definition, internal process redesign, and supply chain optimization. He also spent…