Webinar Managing Technical Debt


In software design, there exists a tension between tactical programming ("move fast and break things") and strategic programming ("move fast with solid infrastructure") that is stoked by competing interests from varying stakeholders. One consequence of continuous tactical programming is the build up of technical debt.

To help you better understand this dynamic and provide you with the latest insights into tech debt, Insight is pleased to partner with Wayne Filin-Matthews, Global Head of Digital Architecture at Crosslake, to lead this informative webinar.

Webinar Takeaways: 
  • Latest research on the true costs of technical debt 
  • New technical and cultural demands impacting technical debt 
  • Unmanaged technical debt balancing business and customer priorities
  • Effective communication planning
  • Tips on what you can be doing now to control your unmanaged debt
  • How to define, benchmark and evaluate costs

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