Quiz: Are You Ready To Build A Channel Partner Program?


As the scale-up experts, Insight understands that investing in a strong indirect revenue stream through channel partners is a necessity for many high-growth software companies. There are several advantages to scaling through the channel: greater profitability, faster growth, expanded brand awareness, increased productivity, facilitated entry into new markets and segments, strengthened customer loyalty and engagement, greater predictability, and product innovation. However, building a successful partner flywheel is not an overnight phenomenon and it requires both 1) internal readiness and 2) market attractiveness in order to succeed.  

Are you curious whether your business has the foundational ingredients necessary to launch a successful partner program? Interested in taking a deeper look into your market to ensure it’s ripe for your partner program? Insight’s 25 years of software investing can provide the data and pattern recognition necessary to ensure you are avoiding costly mistakes and ultimately setting yourself up for success as you embark down this path. 

This 18 question quiz will take no more than 15 minutes to complete and is designed to direct your thinking towards the key questions that need to be answered to determine whether your business is ready for investing in a channel partner program. Be realistic about your current capabilities and market environment when answering these questions so that the tool is able to deliver the most value. Upon completion, you will receive a customized review of your readiness to build out a channel partner program, recommended next steps and considerations, and a link to our exclusive Partner Program GO Guide. 

Which Channel Partners Should I Invest In?

  • Meg Fitzgerald

    Meg Fitzgerald, Senior Vice President, Marketing COE

    Meg Fitzgerald is a Senior Vice President on the Insight Onsite Team. She partners closely with portfolio company executives to accelerate growth and capture value, specifically through marketing and channel sales strategies. Meg also works closely with the investment team to drive operational due diligence. She specializes in lean user…