Real Estate Opportunities to Amplify Growth


Whether you work in a Class A high-rise, a converted mill, or a suburban office park, one thing is certain: your office space matters.

From the type of people you want to recruit to how the different functions of your company interact with one another, your workspace can help you drive your business forward. With the rapid change in "how we work", the question of "where we work" has become more important than ever in identifying new avenues of growth and attracting top talent.

To host this webinar, Insight has partnered with  David Bergeron, President, and Tyler Hales, Senior Principal of Workplace Strategy, at T3 Advisors.

What You'll Learn:

  • How to win top talent as the generational demographics of the workforce change
  • Why companies tend to expand too late and how to use data to stay ahead of the competition and alleviate costs
  • Opportunities to create a more diverse employee base
  • How to leverage advances in technology around how we work to improve interoffice connectivity
  • The rise of "Space as a Service" providers – the inherent risks and potential opportunities for high-growth tech companies
  • Headlines vs. Trends in the "Open Office" Debate
  • Insight Venture Partners Office

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