#ScaleUpTogether in 2021


We have reached the end of a marathon year that has simultaneously been a 12 month sprint. There were many challenges that 2020 presented us, but the software ecosystem and Insight's portfolio of ScaleUp companies persevered due to the support of its community and ability to transform, adapt, and innovative. 

Against the initial odds, the pace of scale for software companies has not slowed down. In 2020, Insight invested in a record 55 companies in the ScaleUp phase – those companies who are rapidly growing customers, revenue, product and team. To wit: in Q3, approximately 50% of companies in Insight’s portfolio grew revenue more than 50% Y-o-Y, with 30% growing >75%. In addition to revenue growth, companies achieved remarkable milestones this year including IPOs, multiple M&A combinations, scaling teams past 500 people, customers into the thousands, and high net retention. 

Earlier this year, we asked our portfolio companies to share their 2020 milestones and memories with us to create this video montage. Additionally, we launched the #ScaleUpTogether social media campaign where we counted down the final days of the year with video submissions from a portfolio company participants. 

The Power of Software

The power of software is unequivocal and ScaleUp companies in Insight Partners portfolio are living proof.
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