Software as a Service: SaaS KPIs and Benchmarks


Unit economics are a useful indicator of the health of SaaS businesses.

As investors, and as executives, we understand the metrics because each explains a different aspect of the business: retention explains the value proposition to buyers,  and their loyalty; sales efficiency explains GTM effectiveness and the potential for long-term profitability.

The attached report by Shea & Company analyzes – and shows how to calculate – unit economics, which can provide value insights into a business’ ability to scale and achieve profitability.   

If you’re not tracking these metrics, Onsite can help you do so.

SaaS KPIs and Benchmarks

  • Hilary Gosher

    Hilary Gosher, Managing Director

    Hilary Gosher is a Managing Director at Insight Partners, and a growth zealot. She leads Insight Onsite, the firm’s operators and growth experts who accelerate scale at portfolio companies. Hilary founded this team and has worked with more than 200 software companies. She leads Insight's due diligence, software Centers of Excellence…