Wishabi was born in 2007, led by a team of ex-Microsoft, Waterloo engineers. The team is backed by leading venture capitalists and retail executives whose mission is to reinvent the digital retail circular. Wishabi has created countless patent-pending technologies that seamlessly bring together the editorial richness of print, the interactivity of your store, and the real-time personalization of digital content. Best of all, Wishabi does it all, with no work or resources required from your team.

While connecting retailers, consumers and media partners, Wishabi’s next-gen digital circular platform drives outstanding consumer engagement and unmatched digital circular distribution through MSN, Bing, and other media conglomerates. The insights we’ve gained serving over 700 merchant and media partners with reach to over 200 million North American’s helps us better serve and grow companies like yours each and every day.

Wishabi is headquartered in Toronto.