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7 Deadly Sins of Executive Recruitment


The further up the leadership ladder, the more critical it becomes to find the right talent.

To help you make the right hiring decisions, Onsite's Talent Center of Excellence is hosting an informative webinar on what to avoid when it comes to executive recruitment. 


  1. Failing to create an explicit scorecard
  2. Looking for the cheap and easy candidate
  3. Over-delegating the search
  4. Not having a candidate value proposition and engagement strategy
  5. Hiring primarily based on pedigree or experience
  6. A light process
  7. Creating a terrible candidate experience 

In addition to sharing more about these pitfalls, Insight will also outline several tactics that hiring leaders can utilize to find, select and recruit the best team members.  

At the end of the presentation, there will be time for Q&A with  our expert speaker, Jason Ewell, Venture Partner at Insight Venture Partners.