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Account Based (ABX) in this New World

Thought Leadership

It is critical for companies to rethink their marketing and sales strategy in a world of COVID-19. This is a world of financial uncertainty for your prospects and customers, resulting in decreased budgets, longer sales cycles, and higher churn. It’s also a world of competing priorities. Key influencers and decision makers are drowning in priority issues, making it challenging to earn their attention. Given these new realities, Account Based Marketing/Sales/Customer Success (ABX) is top of mind for marketing and sales leaders since it’s about more efficient and effective demand gen through meaningful engagement at priority accounts.

Join us for a panel discussion on ABX featuring industry thought leaders and Insight portfolio practitioners. Topics covered will include how strategies need to adjust in this new environment and best practices for getting started and increasing performance.

Expert Panelists: 

Please come prepared to ask questons and learn the latest best practices from our expert speakers!

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