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Achieve Immediate Results with B2B Intent Data


B2B Intent Data is a hot topic, but there is not a lot of practical information on how it can be adopted in a fast, simple way to drive immediate results.  

What You Will Learn

Insight has partnered with Bombora to host this webinar and help you learn how to target companies that are already interested in your products and services to generate more pipeline. By attending this webinar, you will learn how to use intent data for your outbound inside sales/SDR/BDR teams. Additionally, you will understand how to apply intent data across top of funnel marketing activities such as: LinkedIn ads, ABM display advertising, content syndication, list buys, webinar promotions, etc.

Who Should Attend

Marketing and sales leaders who are interested in learning more about how their organization can leverage intent data to power top of funnel inbound sales outreach go-to-market strategies.