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Bridging Brand & Culture


Brand and culture can have a huge impact on the performance and valuation of fast-growing companies, typically representing 50% of exit valuation in the form of “goodwill.”  

But telling the best, most compelling story about these intangibles is a challenge. The traditional Mission-Vision-Values framework dates to the 1960s and just doesn't resonate with today’s purpose-driven millennial workforce and modern marketplace. Since it’s not always clear how brand and culture relate to one another, leaders are left struggling to articulate them a meaningful and memorable way. 

To help you maximize the impact of these critical intangible assets, Insight has partnered with BrandFoundations to host this thought-provoking 30-minute webinar.

What You Will Learn:

  • The financial impact of a purposeful, aligned and well-articulated brand and culture 
  • How to use archetypes to clarify and link your brand and culture narratives
  • How to replace the stale Mission, Vision & Values framework with a more authentic and memorable story
  • We will reserve time at the end of the presentation for Q&A. 

Learn from the Experts:

BrandFoundations uniquely integrates the disciplines of branding and organizational development through a proven, rapid process that captures and articulates your unique “organizational DNA” in a way that’s compelling to both your customers and your workforce.

They help their clients build a solid foundation of authentic brand stories, messages and strategies that result in better external positioning as well as improved internal culture and performance. Because when brands are truly “lived” within an organization, the myriad benefits include greater differentiation from competitors and deeper loyalty among all audiences. This is the reason we exist and it’s what drives our “Build Solid Connections” tagline.