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Case Study: What’s Your Company’s Community Strategy?

Thought Leadership

Creating a community can be an excellent strategy for any organization. But you need to approach community creation as a business strategy, not just a marketing or support tactic.

Lumity, an end-to-end benefits solution, identified key gaps in existing communities for HR professionals. They wanted to fill these gaps, be of service to the professionals who take care of their people, and raise awareness of their modern approach to benefits. The company partnered with Hivebrite, an all-in-one community management platform to launch and manage its community.

Join Tracy Hill, Sr. Employee Benefits Communication Strategist at Lumity and Lucia Manzo, GM, Head of US Operations at Hivebrite for a fireside chat to discover more about Lumity’s community journey – from an idea to a vibrant successful community.

What You’ll learn:

  • How and why Lumity launched their community
  • Lumity’s community expectations versus the reality
  • How Lumity creates value for its community members
  • Potential community opportunities and barriers caused by COVID-19
  • How to choose the right technology partner to support your community
  • How Lumity’s community brings value to the organization and the wider HR industry

Come prepared to learn and ask questions about community platforms and corporate community strategies.

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