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CleanTech Innovation & Investment

Product & Tech

Our best hope for solving some of our planet’s most challenging problems is technology, and no one knows tech investing like Insight Partners.

To celebrate Earth Day, we invite you for a fireside chat with BeewiseProject Canary, and Sylvera, some of our leading cleantech portfolio companies. The leaders from these organizations will discuss how they are creating a more sustainable future through innovation and ESG initiatives.

We will review:

  1. How these environment-friendly startups are changing the game
  2. The difference between today’s cleantech boom and past ones
  3. Investing in clean technology versus traditional technology
  4. Cleantech's impact in the fight against climate change
  5. Why clean technology has become an important part of corporations’ ESG strategy


We can all play a part in making the world a better place. Join us to find out how!