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Cost Optimization – Tackling Your Technical Costs

Product & Tech

This webinar, hosted in partnership with Crosslake, will provide a framework for planning and executing sustainable cost optimizations in line with your business strategy and goals. We will help you identify cost reduction and productivity opportunities. Our roadmap for value creation will allow you to act in the interest of your immediate future while retaining customers and preparing for the “new normal.”

By aligning your product roadmap, organization, cloud, architecture, and development processes, you can confidently optimize your costs in a way that strengthens your business and prepares you for the future, all while supporting your business strategy.

Join us as we guide you on your cost optimization journey, including:

  • Cost Optimization Frameworks to Drive Business Outcomes
  • Realigning Business Strategy, Budgets, and Customer Focus
  • Reprioritizing Product Backlog and Investing in The Right People
  • Optimizing Cloud Resources, Org Structure, and Standardizing Processes
  • Recognizing & Preventing Red Flags

There will be time reserved for Q&A at the end of the presentation.