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Cybersecurity: Linchpin of the Digital Enterprise

Product & Tech

Managing cybersecurity as the linchpin of the digital enterprise presents numerous challenges. Securing the cloud environment, establishing cyber risk controls that provide a board reportable and front line actionable view of cyber risk management enterprise-wide, and embedding security best practices in your development teams are just some of the challenges executives are wrestling with today.

For a growing number of businesses, the solution is to take a risk-based approach to managing their cybersecurity, embedding cybersecurity in all M&A and other diligence activities, using self-service API-driven approaches that make security “everyone’s responsibility”, and following clear, actionable metrics that tie to key security and non-security employee performance. Businesses who follow this approach reduce their time to market for new offerings, optimize their security spend, and extract more value from transactions through accelerated synergy capture and avoidance of “death by a thousand cuts” in their IT budget.

Join us on October 24th at 1pm (EST), for a webinar hosted by McKinsey Partner, James Kaplan, and Associate Partner, Marc Sorel, how portfolio executives and PE firms are advancing the cybersecurity of their portfolio by accounting for cybersecurity as the linchpin of the digital enterprise. We look forward to the conversation.