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Demystifying the (Re)Branding Process


In theory, we all get the importance of brand. It has the power to set a long-term vision for success, get customers on your side, and rally employees around the same goal. When brand is prioritized along with acquisition efforts and product development, it can create a flywheel effect that builds momentum across your ecosystem. 

But the process of branding and rebranding can feel nebulous and daunting for companies of all sizes – especially startups.

In this webinar, members of the Lightricks leadership team will share their recent experience in partnering with Big Spaceship to create a brand that would prepare their business for the next stage of growth. 

This process has enabled Lightricks to establish a brand that connects different products in their ecosystem, sets them apart within the landscape, and aligns the whole organization toward the future. 

Together, Lightricks and Big Spaceship will discuss the following topics before opening up the webinar to a Q&A with participants:

When is the right time to establish a brand and why: 

  • Finding the right agency partner 
  • How to prepare for the branding process
  • The process of branding and what to expect
  • The outcomes of the branding process

Following the presentation, there will be time reserved for audience Q&A.

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