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Finding & Acquiring The Right Leads For Your Business


Are you tired of throwing marketing dollars at digital and seeing limited to no return? PPC (pay per click) marketing has the power to create transparent lead funnels for your business, but is also filled with potential pitfalls.

In this data driven power hour, our partners at Wordstream will help you learn:

  • How to find and acquire the right customers for your business
  • Important qualifying questions to ensure your marketing budgets and time are investing in the right channels.
  • Specific tactics you can leverage including audience targeting, creative choices, bid adjustments to ensure you get the most B2B bang for your buck
  • How to set a budget designed for you and what factors to look for that you might be over or under budgeting

Who Should Attend

If you are a marketing manager responsible for driving sales qualified leads to their sales organizations, as well as other executives looking to get a better understanding of how PPC can drive scalable profit.

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