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GDPR: Legal & Compliance Implications Webinar

Strategy and M&A

    Date: January 23rd from 1 – 2pm (EST) Time: 1 – 2pm (EST) Register Here  If you did not attend Part 1 of the "GDPR: Legal & Compliance Implications" series, you can watch the webinar and view the slides in this post Part 2 of the "GDPR: Legal & Compliance Implications" webinar will focus on the practical issues of maintaining GDPR compliance in using, sharing, and securing data.  The webinar will be designed to provide tools and techniques to help companies navigate the complex requirements of the GDPR.  Matters addressed will include:

  • How to ensure that your privacy policies cover the right points.
  • What requirements should be included in your contracts with vendors and service providers when you are sharing personal data.
  • Components of an incident response plan that you should have in place to be able to comply with the new 72-hour data breach notification requirement.

Webinar Agenda:  Using the Data:

  • Notice — Do your privacy policies and notices hit all the right points?
  • Data Subject Rights — Are you prepared to respond to data subject requests for fixing, moving, or erasing their information
  • Consent – What mechanisms do you have in place to record and monitor consent?

Sharing the Data:

  • Processor/Controller Contracts — Do your contracts with vendors and service providers cover all the issues that GDPR requires?
  • Cross-Border Data Transfers – What is your strategy for moving data outside the EU?

Securing the Data:

  • Data Protection Impact Assessment – Do you need to do a DPIA, and, if so, where do you start?
  • Information Security Program – What controls do you have in place to secure your data?
  • Incident Response — Do you have a plan in place to analyze and respond to security incidents?

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