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Hack Your Bureaucracy: Why Learning to Navigate Red Tape Is a Scaling Superpower for SaaS Leaders

Thought Leadership

From working with large VC firms to signing on enterprise customers, entrepreneurs need to learn how to navigate red tape to effectively scale their businesses. Join Nick Sinai (Insight Partners) and Marina Nitze (Layer Aleph), co-authors of Hack Your Bureaucracy, as they share some of their favorite stories and tactics for helping SaaS leaders find success. 

During this session, we’ll cover how to work with organizational complexity, including:  

  • Building relationships with both your current and new investors  
  • Establishing trust with large enterprise clients  
  • Avoiding bureaucracy in your own firm even as you grow 

Plus our authors will share their first-hand stories about working President Obama, getting thrown out of a White House Science Fair, and inside tips from Google and Amazon.