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HBS Venture Capital & Private Equity Conference

Strategy and M&A

This year managing director Richard Wells will be participating in one of the largest and most anticipated student-run conferences on the HBS campus. Each year, hundreds of industry professionals, students, alumni, and faculty gather to share their insights and experiences. By bringing together a diverse group of talented individuals, the HBS Venture Capital and Private Equity Club hopes to initiate a broad range of debates about the key trends affecting the industry today and into the future. He will be speaking as a panelist on the topic of technology investing. 

Technology is an ever evolving, innovating, disruptive and relevant industry, which continues to shape the way we see the world. We will be asking some of the top technology investors about evolving trends in the market, as well as addressing some of the most pervasive questions, such as: How do they think about B2B vs. B2C? Where is mobile heading? Which seams of the market are at the forefront of innovation? Which ones are the cusp of a legacy replacement cycle? What is the impact of the internet of things on business and society?  With all the data available, how does the market look different in the next 3-5 years for Healthcare IT? What is the growth potential for the personal cloud market vs. the enterprise cloud market? This panel will divulge the latest perspectives and investment strategies in technology.