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How to Build Unconventional B2B Marketing Campaigns


Name a piece of B2B marketing that really stuck in your head. How about one that you passed along to all your colleagues. Having trouble? We thought so. Why is B2B marketing often so predictable and forgettable? Marketers typically get so caught up in the minutia of their niche, they forget what drives their target as humans. 

Insight is excited to partner with content marketing experts at Manifest to lead this webinar. During the presentation, we will discuss some of the most innovative and unconventional B2B marketing campaigns, and explore ways to connect with niche audiences as people rather than business automatons. We'll also look at fresh approaches to content, advertising, and media that will mean more to your targets and make a lasting impression.  

Expert Speakers

Geoffrey Director, VP, Strategy Group Lead at Manifest

Geoffrey is an unconventional thinker with an unconventional name. He is an integrated strategy leader with experience in all corners of marketing, from research to brand strategy to change management to creative strategy. He has led global re-branding efforts for Reebok, GSK, Unilever, Hasbro, and others. He has led large-scale research initiatives for Mercedes-Benz, Pfizer, Johns Hopkins, Crocs Northwell Health, Six Flags and others.

Melissa Bouma, SVP, Performance Marketing at Manifest

As a southern California native, Melissa leads our Performance Marketing practice from our west coast presence in Scottsdale, Arizona (which could look like San Diego if you squint your eyes hard enough). Melissa is responsible for driving Manifest services in all areas of paid media, SEO, SEM, paid social and content promotion, while also ensuring that her her 2 young boys and husband’s shoes match before they leave the house each morning.