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How to Revamp Your Sales Stages in Salesforce


Most companies change their Sales stages a few times as they grow. This may be sparked by the arrival of a new CRO, the addition of new products, or a need to support a new sales motion. Making the corresponding updates in Salesforce doesn't have to be daunting.

In this webinar, our partners at OpFocus break down this project into a four phases: Planning, Feature Selection, Buildout and Test, and Migration. We will demonstrate the various features available to reinforce our chosen methodology using Salesforce's newer Lightning interface (though the majority of the concepts apply to the older Classic interface as well).


  • Define stages, milestones, required fields and guidance text
  • Map old Stages to new
  • Capture win/loss reasons

Feature Selection

  • Review Lead and Opportunity Settings
  • Define Stages
  • Record Types and Sales Stages Processes
  • Custom Fields
  • Field Dependencies
  • Validation Rules
  • Path
  • Celebrations

Buildout and Test (in Sandbox)

  • Make Updates to an existing Sales Stages
  • Create a Renewal Opportunity Process using new Stages, Record Types, Path, Validation Rules
  • Create a Path with Celebrations


  • Backing Up Opportunities
  • Updating Stages and Migrating Values
  • Deploy from Sandbox
  • Test

There will be time for Q&A at the end of the presentation.

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