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KPI Framework & Pipeline Management Process of a Top Performing Sales Organization


Over the past five years, the B2B SaaS ecosystem has witnessed a paradigm shift from "growth at all costs" to the "rise of efficient growth". As such, CRO's and Sales VP's have begun to rely more on insight into their sales data to identify opportunities to improve their sales process and make their team more efficient.

To better understand how SaaS organizations can drive operational efficiency across their sales team, Insight is hosting a webinar to discuss the KPI framework and pipeline management best practices of a top performing sales org.

Webinar Takeaways:  
  • Best-practice KPI frameworks for measuring high impact sales metrics at the Executive and Individual Contributor level.
  • An understanding of the four drivers behind pipeline velocity and how each can be leveraged to dive more revenue into your business, faster.
  • A data-driven pipeline management strategy designed to standardize the behaviors of top performing individual contributors across your entire sales team.

Expert Speaker

Brandon Jones (Director of Portfolio Revenue Operations at Insight Venture Partners)

Brandon Jones joined Insight in 2018. As Director of Portfolio Revenue Operations, he works closely with Insight's portfolio companies helping refine processes to clear the path to revenue across the funnel by operationalizing the execution of go-to-market strategies. Specifically, he advises companies on developing best-in-class sales processes, accurate forecasting methodologies, key performance metrics, and CRM and sales enablement strategies to accelerate top-line revenue growth.