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Portfolio Perspectives on Global Expansion

Strategy and M&A

Expanding into another country presents numerous challenges. Ensuring compliance, understanding and managing local labor laws, and building up an understanding of cultural nuances can all be daunting.

For a growing number of businesses, the solution is to offload these responsibilities onto a trusted Employer of Record whose global reach and local presence in countries around the world allows them to navigate employment challenges on their clients’ behalf. Businesses who opt for this solution are able to enter new markets more confidently, and in many cases faster, than they could on their own.

Join us on October 3rd at 1pm (EST), for a webinar hosted by Globalization Partners and two Insight Partners' portfolio companies. Learn how Kelly Sheridan, Vice President of People at Bullhorn, and Greg Williamson, Vice President of Global Total Rewards at Fanatics, faced the challenge of hiring internationally. Kelly and Greg will also outline strategies and best practices they implemented to make their global expansion quick and easy.

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