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Introduction to Product Operations

Product & Tech

As companies scale, the demands for leaders to guide the organization ramp up rapidly.

In the early days of a company, leading by intuition and managing by observation are perfectly feasible modes of operation. Although, as you cross the threshold into scaling, assessing all aspects of your software product – how it’s built, taken to market, monetized, and maintained – gets harder and harder every step of the way.

Enter: Product Operations – the art and science of supporting product strategy with evidence. An unsung hero that fuels winning strategies, and the secret sauce that makes empowers great leaders.

Product Operations is a rising trend in the software product industry. It’s a function that seeks out and eliminates barriers that prevent leaders from creating, executing, and managing evidence-based product strategy. It’s not a single activity or project, but an ongoing process of learning, discovering, and improving. It requires commitment and tenacity, but has a huge payoff.

What You’ll Learn

In this webinar, you’ll learn how you can go from (almost) nothing to something with Product Operations:

  • Understand what the rising trend of Product Operations is and how it helps drive product strategy for accelerated growth and profitability.
  • See real world case studies of Product Operations in practice. See how companies leveraged it to make tough strategic decisions, altering their trajectories to further growth.
  • Get ideas on how to start ramping up Product Operations in your organization.

Who Should Attend

The webinar is targeted primarily for C-level executives with direct or indirect leadership responsibilities to Product Development, especially Chief Product Officers, Chief Executive Officers, Chief Technology Officers, and Chief Operating Officers.

While the webinar is targeted for those roles, it will also provide value for operative leaders in product, design and engineering (VP / Director) and other members of executive teams.