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Putting the C in CEO: Managing During Crisis

Thought Leadership

An unspoken truth is that being a CEO can feel like a lonely job, especially in times of crisis. Even leaders who have experienced global downturns before can feel unsure about how to manage their business during the COVID-19 pandemic; it's new territory for all of us. 

To provide you with some guiding principles to help you navigate the situation at hand, we invite you to join a webinar with Adam Berger, Managing Director at Insight Partners. Adam will share some lessons learned from 30+ years of operating experience in companies large and small, software driven and not.  He has served as either CEO or Interim CEO of several Insight portfolio companies including Digital Room Incorporated, Campaign Monitor, E2Open, and Episerver, and as a director or board chair of several others.

Come prepared to learn, ask questions, and learn what C's go into being a CEO (sneak peak: cash, candor, and comradeship are a few).

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