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The Role of PR in 2021


In 2020, the majority of stories in the media were focused on the evolving pandemic, which made it difficult for brands to understand where their headline could fit in.

To understand what has changed in the media landscape and how ScaleUp companies can gain visibility, we have partnered with W Communications to host this expert-led webinar.

To begin, we will focus on how the priorities of journalists and publications have changed and how the PR machine has adapted to a new reality with fewer opportunities, in both outlook and scope.

Part two navigates the post-COVID news agenda. We will share how brands can use PR to provide their prospects and customers some much-needed optimism.

To conclude this webinar, we will share ideas of what PR will look like this year and how to plan against a backdrop of uncertainty. What does a robust post-pandemic plan look like? Why will flexibility, adaptability, and patience be key? Why will brands that can create moments of happiness will prevail?

Come prepared to learn, ask questions, and engage!