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With Insight: Shellye Archambeau

Thought Leadership

Between beliefs and markets, imagination and data, you’ll find Insight. In our dynamic times, adaptation is constant because growth and status quo do not coexist.

It is WITH INSIGHT that your vision becomes clearer, learning becomes systematic, understanding is conceivable. 

You’re invited to join our host, Insight Partners Managing Director Deven Parekh, for a series of keynote speakers as we gain insight from game changers, innovators and thought-leaders in our world.

We, as global leaders, are grappling with unprecedented times.  Between a global pandemic and political and racial division, the need to talk about human rights as it pertains to the world today has never been more important.

Next Up: Shellye Archambeau 

Shellye overcame the challenges she faced as a young black woman, wife, and mother, managing her personal and professional responsibilities while climbing the ranks at IBM and subsequently in her roles as one of Silicon Valley’s first female African American CEOs.

This conversation will offer a blueprint for how to achieve personal and professional goals. It will detail some of the risks Shellye took and the strategies she employed to steer her family, her career, and her company toward success through the busts and booms of Silicon Valley in the early 2000s.