In April 2015, Insight hosted the second conference in our Innovation Roundtable Series in Menlo Park for industry thought leaders. Approximately 40 diverse and accomplished global CIOs shared insightful observations and real-life experiences. Below are a few highlights as well as the topics we discussed.

The State of the Cloud

Keynote – Tom Lounibos, CEO & Co-Founder – SOASTA

Cloud Infrastructure in the Real World: A Conversation from the Front Lines (or what they didn’t teach you in cloud school)

Keynote – Greg Framke, former COO – E*TRADE

Panel – Bask Iyer, CIO – VMware

Panel – Munther Megdadi, Head of Global Architecture – Roche

Panel – David Bickerton, VP, EMEA, Cloud Solutions – Hewlett-Packard

Integration Challenges and Opportunities in Today’s Cloud World

Keynote – Kirsten Wolberg, VP, Technology – PayPal

Panel – Ben Haines, VP, Corporate Applications – Yahoo!

Panel – Sheila Jordan, CIO – Symantec

Panel – Sameer Patel, SVP, SAP Cloud – SAP

Keynote – Bill Thomas, Global Head of HSBC Sustainability – HSBC

Insight Innovation Roundtable

Jane Li, CIO at Huawei Investment Holding Co., speaks with Brian Bonner, Former CIO at Texas Instruments

Insight Innovation Roundtable

Kevin Chosky, Founder & CEO of Workforce Software, an Insight portfolio company

Insight Innovation Roundtable

Jeff Kubacki, Former CIO of Alliant Techsystems, speaks with Insight Managing Director Hilary Gosher

Insight Innovation Roundtable

Emmet B. Keeffe III, Venture Partner at Insight and host of the roundtable event

Insight Innovation Roundtable

Over 40 global CIOs attended the Innovation Roundtable event from companies like Chevron, SAP, VMWare and more

IMG 8752

Sheila Jordan, CIO of Symantec, discusses integration challenges & opportunities in today’s cloud world

IMG 8527

Tom Lounibos, CEO & Co-Founder of SOASTA, offers the keynote on the state of the Cloud

IMG 8714

Kirsten Wolberg, VP of Technology at PayPal shares her experience of PayPal’s integration in the Cloud

IMG 8761

Sameer Patel, SVP of SAP Cloud, discusses the opportunities that lie ahead for the Cloud

IMG 8849

Insight Managing Director Peter Sobiloff discusses Cloud infrastructure for enterprise companies

IMG 8680

Denise Coyne, Former CIO-Global Corporate Functions at Chevron, discusses today’s cloud environment

IMG 8789

Bill Thomas delivers sobering statistics on global warming and offers practical sustainability tips for tech companies to adopt

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