Following Insight’s successful roundtable series in New York and Menlo Park, we moved the conversation to London and the TATE Modern Museum where we hosted an event for 40 CIOs and Technology Leaders from Fortune 2000 companies. On 24th September, the leaders met to discuss “A New Paradigm Shift–The Digital Enterprise”. As one executive put it, “My job is to disrupt my organization before some startup does it for us”, and this was the spirit with which the conversations occurred.  Discussing how large enterprises overcome technology debt, the war for talent, the move to agile development and the growth in cyber security attacks, the leaders openly shared the constraints they face to change and innovation in a fast moving tech world.  Keynote speakers included global digital and cyber security experts Steve Perry, Founder and Co-Creator of VISA Europe Collab, Andrew Walker from McLaren Applied Technologies and Brad Mairorina CISO at Target.     

Insight’s Venture Partner Emmet Keeffe, who is based in London, moderated the day’s discussion, which including portfolio companies Mimecast, Datasift, Logicnow, Skytap, Mirantis and Kony.

An inspiring highlight of the event was hearing Jeremy Gilley, founder of Peace One Day, describe his personal journey to create a single day of Peace on the planet where people are mindful of building peace at work and at home (not just a day of Peace for those at war, but Peace in our communities where bullying and violence abide).
After the roundtable discussion, the attendees participated in a private tour of two TATE exhibitions titled “The World Goes Pop” and “Structure and Clarity” followed by dinner. 

As an executive at a large financial institution  put it:  “Your events are always the best but this time you have raised the bar even higher. There was great content, great networking and a really fantastic vibe.”

IMG 3662 copy 2

Insight Venture Partner Emmet B. Keeffe III moderates the discussion

IMG 3666 2

Steve Perry, VISA Europe Collab discusses VISA’s journey to innovation

IMG 3672 2

Panel Member Andrew Lam-Po-Tang, LPT Consulting discusses challenges and opportunities in a digital world

IMG 3675 2

Panel Members Luca Marighetti, Zurich Financial Services and Michael Harte, Chief Operations and Technology Officer, Barclays Bank

IMG 3677 2

Andrew Walker, Commercial Director of McLaren Applied Technologies

IMG 3628 2

Attendees discuss the day’s topics with Insight Managing Director Hilary Gosher

IMG 3700 2

Jeremy Gilley, Founder of Peace One Day passionately discusses the impact of technology on achieving world peace

IMG 3733 2

Insight Managing Director Hilary Gosher shares Insight’s history and mission for finding and growing innovative technology companies

IMG 3763 2

Attendees participate in a private tour of the TATE galleries

IMG 3770 2

Attendees participate in a private tour of the TATE galleries

IMG 3791 copy

Following the private tour, attendees enjoyed lively conversation over dinner with views of the London skyline