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Solve Hard Problems. Answer Strategic Questions.

Strategy and M&A

Data is a strategic weapon. Onsite’s Strategy/ M&A Center of Excellence helps portfolio companies wield it. We analyze data to answer strategic business questions: why customer KPIs evolve, how metrics stack up to competitors, which adjacent markets to target, whether pricing strategy is optimal.

Every day we partner with companies to help them win. We provide bandwidth where needed, including due diligence and post-merger integration as portfolio companies grow through acquisition. We back up entrepreneurs with “how-to” blueprints that include Board meeting and reporting best practices. We solve problems using data, research, and our operational experience.

  • Track customers over time.

  • Use acquisitions to accelerate growth.

  • Stay on top of competition and trends.

  • Manage to industry norms.

  • Extract high value from specific target segments.

  • Project your growth and spend efficiently.