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N2W Software was founded in 2012 to address the challenge of providing highly-efficient data protection for production environments deployed in the public cloud.  Based on an innovative new approach to cloud compute backup and DR and built entirely from the ground up on the basis of cloud compute infrastructure, the result is Cloud Protection Manager (CPM), a leading enterprise-class backup, recovery and Disaster Recovery solution specifically optimized for Amazon Web Service (AWS) EC2 infrastructure on the basis of Amazon's native snapshots. As a top-rated data-protection product for the AWS cloud, Cloud Protection Manager features flexible and scalable policy-based backup automation, fast backup, instant recovery, application-consistent backup, cross-account and cross-region backup and recovery, end-to-end security and comprehensive access control options. With Cloud Protection Manager you can reliably backup live production environments and immediately recover your mission-critical data and applications, including full EC2 instances, individual EBS volumes, RDS database and Redshift Clusters. Join our extensive, fast-growing customer base and enjoy the best data-protection for Amazon EC2 available today.

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