Webinar: Using Conversational AI Assistants to Scale Your Sales & Marketing Team


Copado, an Insight portfolio company, is at the forefront of release management software. With a lean sales and marketing team, they were looking for a cost-effective and highly-scalable way to fuel their growth. That’s when they found Conversica, a conversational AI assistant. With Conversica, Copado was able to deliver a personalized sales and marketing experience at scale.

In this webinar, Copado and Conversica will share how Copado employed its own conversational AI Assistant to conduct personalized and automated lead follow-up at scale. Get tips on boosting the effectiveness of your marketing activities and workforce productivity through the power of conversational marketing and sales AI Assistants.

During this webinar you'll learn how to:

  • Follow up with 100% of your leads in a 2-way personalized conversation
  • Identify every hand-raiser in your lead funnel with a humanlike touch
  • Put the most relevant content in front of each prospect and move them through the funnel faster

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