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Insight’s Diversity Efforts

Insight’s DE&I vision is to transform technology and the nature of investing by providing access and opportunity to traditionally underserved people and communities. With more than 750 investments over the firm’s history, over $50 billion in all-time commitments, and over 400 M&A transactions to date for the portfolio, we have the scale and network to make a difference. At Insight, we execute our DE&I strategy across three pillars — making an impact at Insight, driving change within our portfolio, and expanding our investments. Together, these pillars ensure we maximize our efforts across all corners of our business and potential reach.


Our ESG Commitment

Insight believes that a proactive approach to Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) management is consistent with our fiduciary duty to our investors and aligns with our intention to support our portfolio companies in their ScaleUp journeys. Moreover, Insight generally believes that innovative software and technology can play an important role in advancing a more sustainable and prosperous future. Since our first ESG Policy was put in place in 2015, we have taken steps to integrate material ESG considerations into our private equity investment process, where feasible and appropriate. As an investor in fast-growing software businesses, we are often well-positioned to assist our portfolio companies in establishing foundational ESG programs to proactively mitigate risk in critical areas such as diversity equity & inclusion (DE&I), cybersecurity, employee engagement, regulatory compliance, and responsible tech.

Insight’s cross-functional ESG Committee, led by our Chief Compliance Officer and full-time ESG Lead, works with our investment teams, Onsite experts and external advisors to ensure that our ESG Policy is consistently applied, where feasible and appropriate. In addition, we strive to be transparent with our investors regarding our overall approach to ESG management and we have committed to participate in the ESG Data Convergence Initiative (EDCI) since its launch in 2021.

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