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About Us

Scale Up, Take Off

Software From The Start

In 1995, we bet on our hunch that software would change the game. We’ve since partnered with hundreds of executives who’ve transformed and shaped industries, changing the way people live and do business. Insight’s approach is straightforward and results-driven. We deploy our three core pillars – scale, focus, and experience – to help companies capture value and generate long-term business success.

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    ScaleUps are on the most difficult part of their journey: turning initial viability into exponential growth and long-term success.

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    A decision can mean flight or free fall. That’s where a trusted partner comes in. For over 25 years we’ve partnered with the world’s leading software ScaleUps.

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    Late Stage

    We provide the capital, operating guidance, and expansive network companies need to propel growth for the long term – and soar.


Insight accelerates revenue and profit in software companies. Our obsession with software has produced a habit of success. We recognize industry patterns, emerging tech markets and software trends. We’ve accumulated the knowledge to understand the strategies needed to win.


We have scale. As of December 31, 2023, the firm has over $80B in regulatory assets under management. Insight Partners has invested in more than 800 companies worldwide and has seen over 55 portfolio companies achieve an IPO. Our market reach gives executive teams access to networks, customers, resources, data, acquisition targets, and counsel. Our scale provides companies with a platform to win in M&A and organic growth.


We’ve seen it all. With over 25 years of operating and investing in software, we know what it takes to build a successful business. Our practitioners geek out over SaaS pattern recognition, building product, executing, and iterating. Executives trust our experience. We’re usually a CEO’s first call, and we like that.

We’re available 24/7 to advise and help. Insight Onsite is the ballast of this commitment. Our growth operators help companies build all core capabilities from product to talent. We dedicate resources and time to advise executive teams, accelerating their ability to sell to new customers, capture opportunity, and realize value.