Supercharge Your ScaleUp with High-Performance Revenue & Cash Operations


As your business is growing, all of your metrics are pointing up and to the right. While you aspire to achieve 100% YoY growth, you are starting to notice a growing problem of the “leaky bucket” with your revenue.

One method to address this is to think in terms of Revenue Operations, where you look at transaction performance, automation, and revenue recovery. With this, you may also experiment with your pricing, packaging, and payment terms to further optimize your recurring revenue.

Learn from three of our Insight Portfolio companies on how they have an integrated solution to help you achieve high performance as you continue to grow.

  • Matthew Grattan, VP Sales & Account Management, TaxJar
  • Tracy Meng, VP Partnerships,
  • Eric Chan, Head of Partnerships, Chargebee
  • Byron Lichtenstein, Principal, Insight Partners (Moderator)

If you are an Insight portfolio company and interested in learning more about any of these portfolio companies, we encourage you to take advantage of our special discounts by going to the Vendor Directory on Insight's GO ScaleUp platform. 

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