Hiring Begins With a Data-Driven Approach


In this video, Katy Ganguli shares why it's helpful to use a pre-hire assessment to focus interview efforts on high potential candidates.

She recommended that companies use a multi-measure pre-hire assessment with both cognitive and behavioral elements at the top of the recruiting funnel to filter out candidates with a low likelihood of success.  This improves the quality of candidates progressing through to the in-person interview stage and improves recruiting efficiency.  Be disciplined about using the assessment as a Go / No-Go filter and interview only those candidates who pass.  Beware of referrals from current employees – there is a temptation to allow them to proceed immediately to the interview.  To remove bias in your recruiting and maintain quality, require referrals to take the pre-hire assessment, like everyone else.

To learn more best practices, check out her article Five Secrets to Successful Hiring

  • Katy Ganguli, Vice President, Talent COE

    Katy Ganguli, Vice President, Talent COE

    Katy Ganguli joined Insight in 2018 as Vice President on the Insight Onsite team. She works closely with the executive team of portfolio companies to accelerate growth, build teams, and scale operations.    Prior to Insight, Katy ran TravelClick’s digital media services business. In this role, Katy transformed the product strategy, operations…