CEO Spotlight: Matthew Schiltz of Conga


In 2015, Insight Partners welcomed Conga, the popular set of document, contract, esignature, and reporting applications for Salesforce, into our portfolio of scale-up software companies. In this video, Matthew Schiltz shares his story transitioning from the CEO of DocuSign to the CEO of Conga. He also shares their company mantra, a phrase Schiltz admired and borrowed from Insight Partners: Growth Equals Opportunity.

Over the years, Conga's growth has created opportunities for their employees, customers, and local community. Last year, Conga promoted close to 30% of their employees and hired hundreds of people. Employees participated in Conga's 150% charitable match program, where Conga matches 100%, and Matt personally matches 50% to the organizations. In addition to this program, Conga pledges 1% of their total employee hours for volunteerism to provide an opportunity for their employees to help local charities as a team rather than taking PTO to volunteer. These opportunities are only possible because of the incredible company growth Conga has achieved.

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