Fund XI: A Letter to Stakeholders


Dear Employees, Investors, Portfolio Companies, and members of our Global Community,

These are unprecedented times. This is a time of hardship, of change and confusion. Yet this is also a time where people, businesses and governments have come together. At Insight, we are committed to being a central pillar of support for our employees, portfolio companies, and the broader software ecosystem, and we feel privileged to be in the position to do so. From the onset of this crisis, our team of software operators, Onsite, and our investment professionals dedicated themselves to supporting portfolio executives, navigating the impact of COVID-19 together.

Against this backdrop, it is a complicated time to be announcing the close of our largest growth equity technology fund, Fund XI, a milestone that we are immensely proud of. Our sense of pride sits alongside gratitude for having closed the fund amidst the brutal fallout from COVID-19. We are thankful for the ongoing support of longstanding investors, and a host of new investors who have backed Insight’s data driven approach to scaling software companies, and most importantly, grateful that we continue to be in a position where we can help game-changing technologies transform the way we live and work.

This year marks the 25th year of Insight Partners investing in visionary software companies. Fund XI enables us to continue to partner with market leaders and pioneers, companies rooted in strong business unit economics and governance practices, that are best positioned for success.

At Insight Partners, capital is only one piece of our investment. We also invest our decades of experience, tens of thousands of Onsite consulting hours from the software industry’s top practitioners, and our commitment to support companies through the peaks and hurdles of scaling a business. With more than 40 Insight portfolio companies achieving an IPO to date, and more than 80 portfolio-led M&A transactions in 2019 alone, Insight is among the most far-reaching global software-focused firms investing in ScaleUp companies.

And for that, we are proud, humbled by the trust in us, and thankful.  

Jeff Horing, Co-Founder and Managing Director

Deven Parekh, Managing Director  

  • Jeff Horing

    Jeff Horing, Managing Director

    Jeff Horing has been a co-founder and managing director at Insight Partners since 1995. Under his leadership, Insight has become a premier venture capital and private equity firm and has raised through a series of funds more than $30 billion in capital commitments. Jeff's areas of focus include data, analytics, mobile, and infrastructure and…
  • Deven Parekh, Managing Director

    Deven Parekh is a Managing Director at Insight Partners. Since joining Insight in 2000, he has made more than 130 investments in enterprise software, data, and consumer internet businesses globally, including in North America, Europe, India, Israel, China, Africa, Latin America, and Australia.    Currently, Deven serves on the Boards of…