Insight Partners’ Expertise: Horizontal & Vertical Strategies in the Salesforce Ecosystem


Salesforce is among the most dominant CRM solutions helping businesses scale quickly. As Salesforce has evolved, we've seen it become an extremely powerful tool that supports a wide range of growth needs. This is particularly evident in how it supports vertical and horizontal strategies.

As a business owner, you know that there are some sales workflows that are unique to your industry. Maybe you have to jump through some regulatory hoops. Perhaps buyers tend to go through highly rigid, long sales cycles that must be managed with particular care. As you work to optimize how you sell, you need technology that gives you the industry-specific capabilities needed to support your efforts.

We've seen Salesforce emerge as a powerful tool in this area. Beyond its core capabilities that let you improve your sales processes and strengthen teams regardless of industry, Salesforce has added industry-specific modules and workflows that can support vertical-specific CRM capabilities. Salesforce is pushing these verticals out to drive more aligned data workflows. What's more, Salesforce also allows for horizontal solutions providing third-party software that couldn't easily move into a vertical, but now can because it can fit within the Salesforce workflow.

In our Scale-Up Hacks video, "Insight Partners' Expertise: Horizontal & Vertical Strategies in the Salesforce Ecosystem," Jonathan Rosenbaum, Vice President at Insight Partners, details how Salesforce has established this functionality and what businesses can do to take advantage of it

  • Jonathan Rosenbaum

    Jonathan Rosenbaum, Principal

    Jon (also known by friends and co-workers as “Rosie”) joined Insight in 2014. He focuses on vertical and horizontal application software and is responsible for executing transactions and assisting in portfolio management post-close. He has also specialized in helping portfolio companies source and execute M&A. He currently is a board director…