Insight’s Periodic Table of SaaS Sales Metrics


Healthy growth for a SaaS company starts and ends with a strong go-to-market motion, because predictability and repeatability are the basis of scale. At Insight, we leverage our 25 years of investing and exposure to 200+ pioneering software companies to collect and share the quantitative secrets of best in class sales.

In 2019, we launched a real-data update to Insight’s Periodic Table of SaaS Financial & Operating Metrics. Our refreshed Periodic Table is powered by quarterly performance data across Insight’s private and public SaaS companies. Sticking with the theme of faster and more efficient growth, we wanted to launch a similar resource that is exclusively focused on metrics related to the heartbeat of growth – Sales.

Explore this interactive periodic table of metrics, selecting the segment that aligns to your business.

ScaleUp SaaS Sales

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